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Intellectual Property

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Intellectual Property

Tư Vấn Sở Hữu Trí Tuệ

To remain relevant in today’s global marketplace, businesses need competent attorneys to help them protect their intellectual property in accordance with the intellectual property law of Vietnam. As a full-service law firm with a team of nearly 10 attorneys who are experts in the field of intellectual property, we provide strategic consulting services to clients related to all aspects of intellectual property.

As we understand the current trends of the global market, particularly in Vietnam, we help both small and medium-sized enterprises and multinational corporations understand and use their intellectual property rights effectively. And, with a network of associates across Vietnam in a range of industries, we can easily support our clients anywhere within the territory of Vietnam where clients carry on their businesses.

Our team of lawyers works closely with clients to ensure their ideas and technologies are safe so that clients can focus on what they can do to drive their economic growth and development. We regularly prosecute patent applications and trademark registrations at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam and also take legal action towards intellectual property issues on a number of platforms.

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Businesses today must protect and distinguish their products and services from competitors not only in the country where they are based, but also in countries across the region and even globally. Our intellectual property attorneys have an in-depth understanding of the challenges faced by clients and the in-depth experience needed to help acquire and monitor their brands and services worldwide through the intellectual property network of professional associations. Our experience includes: – Registration of trademarks; – Protection and Maintenance of Trademarks; – and Licensing and Registration Investigation.

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Our intellectual property team helps clients register and protect their copyrights on all types of work including books, computer programs, plays, paintings, pictures, photographs, movable images, and motion and sound recordings. The areas we regularly deal with include: – Online Copyright Protection; – Copyright Registration; – Registration Status Investigation; – Investigation of Ownership; and – Registration of Intellectual Property.

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In a competitive market, whether a business succeeds or not depends on its ability to protect its valuable investments in product development. Each of our patent attorneys has a degree in technology combined with years of industry related experience. We regularly support clients with a variety of needs in this area, including: – Filing and Prosecuting Patents; – Patent Enforcement; – Analysis of Violations; – Patent Investigation; – License Negotiation; and – Global Patent Rights.

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When necessary, our litigation team takes legal action in intellectual property disputes before Vietnamese courts for our clients, including both domestic and foreign businesses. Our extensive court experience allows our lawyers to physically analyse and evaluate the viability of non-competitive and non-solicitation agreements, and help our clients protect their most valuable business assets – customer relationships and intellectual property or confidential business-related information – before a dispute arises. We provide specific advice, resources, and support in a number of areas and industries, always keeping in mind the business goals of our clients.

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